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Must use Apps for MAC

· One min read

Here are some essential Mac OS apps.

1. Maccy

Maccy is a lightweight clipboard manager for macOS and lifesaver tool for me. It keeps the history of what you copy and lets you quickly navigate, search, and use previous clipboard contents.

2. Homebrew

Homebrew is The Missing Package Manager for macOS as it helps install the stuff you need that Apple didn’t provide. After installing Homebrew you can simply install a number of softwares in one go with a single command like below.

brew install --cask firefox chrome postman dbeaver

So No more “To install, drag this icon…”.

3. OneMenu

OneMenu is a menu-bar app which has a keyboard cleaning mode. I use this mode to disable key presses while I physically wipe my keyboard. Additionally it also features a system monitoring tool and a window manager.